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Dr. Aju's Clinic, an exclusive centre for the treatment of psychiatric and behavioural disorders in a modern custom-fit setting, is one-of-a-kind institutions in Qatar dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of one of the most prevalent health issues of the day – mental health and behavioural problems. The clinic was opened in January 2007 and was inaugurated by Dr Sheikh Khalid bin Jabor al-Thani, the National Health Authority deputy chairperson. 

The clinic is run by Dr Aju Abraham, a UK-qualified psychiatrist who possesses vast experience in the diagnosis and treatment of mental health problems. Over the past decade, Dr Aju has obtained the reputation as a leading psychiatrist in the State of Qatar and has further gained tremendous experience in the treatment of multicultural mental health issues, adjustment problems during an expatriate life, work related stress and conflicts, marital/relationship conflicts, academic problems in children and numerous other problems related to working and living abroad in unfamiliar surroundings, especially being away from the loved ones. Over the years, Dr Aju has developed a solid team that includes Psychiatrists & Psychologists who are very experienced in providing effective psychological treatments such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dynamic Psychotherapy, Group Therapy etc. The clinic is adept at effectively managing a wide range of mental health problems in children, adults and the older age group.


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Group Therapy Commenced at Dr Aju's Clinic:  Next Group Therapy session will be organised by our Psychotherapist Adriana Stoichkova on 26 October 2017 from 4 pm to 8 pm. Those who are interes

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